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Session // Designing Happiness // Friday, October 7, 20:45

Unless you are a light bulb with enough energy, chances are you will not be able to light up a room with your presence. However, we don’t require actual light to brighten people’s day, sometimes all it takes is a spark of imagination and a good sense of humor.

We can easily get lost in our daily routine and loose sight of our purpose in life. A while back I went on a journey, and three years ago I found my purpose and decided to dedicate my life for it. My purpose is to make peoples days a little brighter.

That is accomplished by mixing fantasy with reality through the art of puppetry, using my imagination to design and create creatures that have never been seen before. Bringing them to life through puppeteering and have them interact with people in the real world. As kids we were fascinated with puppets through television shows like the muppet show and sesame street, but I have discovered that when people meet a puppet in person the effect it has on them is truly fascinating.

Wether its kids or adults they all loose sense of reality and their eyes just light up and they become totally focused on the puppet and interacting with it. This is exactly what I want to talk about in the next Saudi Design Week in Riyadh, how worldwide puppetry is used to brighten someone’s day. I will also touch on the design and magic that goes into coming up with these characters as well as the many beneficial uses of puppets; which in my case turns a dark introvert artist into a bright outspoken performer.