Noor Al Dabbagh

الرئيسية « Noor Al Dabbagh
With a background spanning documentary filmmaking, non-for-profit management and collecting art, the common thread in Noor’s work is using art to build understanding between cultures. Most recently she founded Banafsajeel, a unique platform for creative collaboration that presents culture in an illuminating new light. Built on foundations of research, Banafsajeel facilitates the exchange of ideas and inspiration through creative collaborative projects.  

Noor graduated from Harvard with a BA in Visual and Environmental Studies in 2006. She worked in production in Jeddah and Dubai and directed and produced her own documentary “Seeing Through the Sand”, which competed in film festivals globally. She went on to head the Intercultural Projects Department at Alwaleed Bin Talal Foundation, where she spent three years managing the grant program to support global partners with cross-cultural projects, including funding the construction of the Islamic Arts Hall at the Louvre museum in Paris. On the side, she co-founded RIYADH+acumen, a volunteer chapter that organizes creative events like art auctions to promote social innovation. In 2013, Noor completed her MA at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art in Art Business, focusing on museums and not-for-profit institutions.