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Session // PAPER SKIN, DIY: How We Make A Skin From Recyclable Household Materials? // Friday 19:00 ( English)

Natural skin is an engineering wonder due to its multisensory capability in a singular platform with simultaneous sensing capability. At the same time, many people have been suffering from skin burns and damages due to acid, burn, wound, etc. Therefore it is an important scientific and engineering challenge to develop an affordable and biocompatible artificial multisensory porous singular platform like natural skin and then to integrate that with our neurological system. Paper by virtue of its critical role in our daily life, its physical flexibility, ultra-light weight and affordability make it an amazingly simple but effective material for such skin platform. In the recent past, we have demonstrated a paper based multisensory singular platform which can perform simultaneous sensing. The developed paper skin shows unprecedented functionality and performance over cost. We have tested its effectiveness as environmental sensor as well as for body vital monitor. Therefore, we will discuss what’s next with such paper skin (non-functionalized, inkjet printed or such) and what others can be done using papers. More importantly we will emphasize how Do It Yourself (DIY) can be a critical enabler in unprecedented design change for everyday electronics and appliances.
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