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Hanin Aloufi founder of Mint Design Studio is an established furniture designer, product design and interior designer.  Hanin obtained her Masters degree in Design Project from Northumbria University, UK where she developed her design skills of 3D design and product design from her Bachelor degree and together integrated her studies and skills and began experimenting with different materials and machines.

Before founding her own studio, Hanin worked as a commercial interior and a lecturer for several years until she decided to develop her career and create her own company in 2014.  She started here solo career by designing window displays for local boutiques and gradually developed her own line of furniture.

Hanin’s designs speak of culture and heritage through mixing her own Middle Eastern background and other cultural ideas, design philosophies and innovative concepts.  Her focus on integrating different styles and design techniques and methods enabled her to create her own personal signature pieces of comfort and style.

Design for Hanin has not only been a passion, but to her it is a way of living.