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Session // SWAYING WITH LIGHT, Abstract Presentation // October 7, Friday 20:10

Profound perspectives to light may change the way we design. Undoubtedly, understanding light and lighting concepts become imperative in the field of architecture and design, therefore, by that we are vertically invited ﴾أَلَم َت َر﴿ “alam Tara” or “Hast thou not turned thy vision” to explore the uncharted diversity of lights, and its functions?
Light and its juxtapositions, is an instrumental factor affecting how we perceive the world. The complex interaction of light and the environment creates impression to our inner consciousness, the magnificent phenomena of sight. Once light shined, we see colours, and then colour grants reality.

This talk will feature light and its manifestations as an intellectual journey of an architect, igniting questions that may challenge our reasoning and current understanding to lights and its applications, while shedding thoughtful considerations to fathom the diversity of light materialistically and spiritually.

Swaying with the light would mean our ability to adopt and co-create with the light while overcoming barriers and constraints in the built environment.