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Session Title // 200 Years in Furniture History – From Bentwood to Modern Style // Thursday 19:30

How to keep a Brand up-to date

´I think we are famous for bending wood and we are still bending wood, but now we are focusing on three-dimensional bending. three-dimensional bending means that only human beings can do this, so it is not possible to do this by machine. you really need skilled and experienced workers who are able to bend the wood. that’s one thing. the other thing that we are famous for is of course bending tubular steel. looking at THONET’s past, these two material revolutions have only taken place because there was a need for a new design. so, for us it is not the process that comes before the design, but the process is followed by the design. I think our core competence is also to develop new designs which we believe still do not exist.´