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Raised in Riyadh and Amman, Sarah grew up with an immense attachment to her Middle
Eastern heritage. In 2013, she co-founded Ferdos, a gourmet pastry business which celebrates
the Middle East. Ferdos’ mission is to create joy, and add to the depth of human experience. It
builds upon the Middle East’s rich culinary traditions, by innovating on local pastries and
recipes. To date, the company has had private sales in Amman, Paris and London, and is set to
officially launch in August 2015.
Before founding Ferdos, Sarah graduated with a masters and bachelors from Stanford
University in mechanical engineering, with a concentration in manufacturing and design. She
has been lucky to have worked on a range of design projects, ranging from user experience
design for autonomous cars, to affordable dry-season irrigation in Northern Ghana. At
Stanford, she was awarded the Haas Fellowship to design a solution for water conservation in
Ajloun, Jordan.
Sarah has also worked as a mechanical engineer for Shlumberger in their Houston and Paris
offices. There, she was able to observe how design and engineering are practiced differently
across different cultures.